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Caskets, Shrouds & Markers

Green burial means natural biodegradeable materials only, please—no concrete vault, no varnished wood or metals. We can offer you a number of suggestions for sustainable caskets and shrouds.

  • Founding WEMP steward Bob Jeffers makes handmade pinewood caskets from local sustainably harvested wood using a glue and wood doweling technique. They can be simple or fancy...your choice. He also does woodburning of words and images - see some examples in the photo gallery below. Base price is $650; he can be reached at

  • Bob Jeffers also carves custom stone grave markers from local Ekone stone.

  • Reese Woodwork makes caskets starting at $1000 and will deliver throughout the PNW.

  • Woven Thresholds willow caskets from Maureen Walrath range from $900-2600.

  • Natural Burial Company has online options, look for Green Burial Council certified products – no finishes, no hardwoods. Please see our Policy Practice & Procedure pages for further details on our guidelines.

  • We also recommend shrouds. Handmade, natural and biodegradable, they can be made at home out of a favorite quilt perhaps, or you can find them online.

  • WEMP Founding Steward Chris Woodcock at Golden Graphics in Goldendale makes handmade custom shrouds. Her base price is $390. She works with reclaimed and heirloom materials to create beautiful sturdy shrouds with a back board and straps.

Woman squatting next to a grave with a shrouded body, holding a white homing pigeon.

More Photos

White Eagle Memorial Preserve

a Natural Burial Ground at Ekone Ranch

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