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Price List


White Eagle Sites

$3000 baseline cost for each 20×20 site commitment.
We encourage folks to pre-plan, to buy sites ahead of time and to make sure your family and caregivers have copies of the “Certificate of Interment Rights” which you receive with your purchase.

+$300 Endowment Care Fund – ensures ongoing land care as governed by State of Washington.

+$700 Burial fee, payable in advance or at time of burial.

Total Cost: $3300/$4000


For pre-planning, we accept payments in full, and payment plan purchases. Payment plans require a $500 deposit to confirm your site commitment, and can work with quarterly or monthly payment schedules, at no interest, for up to 3 years.

While we are happy to accept credit/debit cards for your convenience, we charge a 2% fee to cover the costs of card payment processing.

We believe that Conservation Burial should be accessible for everyone, without income barriers, and encourage you to Donate to our Community Supported Burial Fund, to help defray the cost of burial for folks who need financial assistance.

White Eagle site purchases are not refundable, but the Interment Rights may be gifted, transferred, or sold. 

They are considered goods and services by the IRS, and are therefore not tax-deductible.

Donations made to our Conservation Fund, Community Supported Burial Fund, and Ekone Camp Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible.

What is included in Open & Close Burial Fee?

We currently charge a $700 Open & Close fee for the actual burial. This includes digging the grave (usually done by hand), grave preparation (the bottom of the grave is beautifully prepared using native plant and flower material found locally during the season), burial service, reception space and hosting. The Open & Close Burial Fee is not due until the time of burial, but we can accept advance payment as well. If you pay for the Burial Fee in advance, we hold those monies in a trust until the time of burial. We reserve the right to adjust the Burial fee in the future, but advance payment secures your burial at current rates.

Potential Discounts

-$100 if paying in full up front for site commitment

-10% off 2nd site, if purchasing two sites


-10% off site commitments made during designated special events at White Eagle

Cremated Remains

$800 for burial in designated 10×10 cemetery site

$80 for the Endowment Care Fee

$100 Open & Close fee for cremains burials

Total Cost: $980


“Family” Plot

We are able accept one natural burial and up to three cremations in a 20×20 site; however, Washington law states we must accept the burial first. Cost breakdown is the same as for individual sites, including

$3000 for site

$700/$100 Open & Close fees

+$300 burial Endowment Care Fund

+$800 for each cremains interment

+$80 for each cremains Endowment Care Fund


Animals cannot be buried within Washington State cemeteries.

We have designated the area along the outside perimeter of White Eagle as a place to bury pets. People may choose to purchase a site along the edge of the cemetery and be buried close to their beloved animals.

$100 – animals under 20 lbs.

$250 – animals between 20-40 lbs.

$350 – animals between 40-60 lbs.

$450 and up – animals 60+ lbs., at White Eagle’s discretion

Stone Memorial Markers

$200 and up – Dependent on desired custom work. Please visit our Caskets, Shrouds & Markers page for more information.

Please check White Eagle “PPP” guidelines if working with a stone cutter of your choosing.

White Eagle Memorial Preserve
a Natural Burial Ground at Ekone Ranch

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