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White Eagle green cemetery exists within a larger land conservation effort—20 acres within the 1,138 acres currently held in trust by Sacred Earth Foundation.. We protect land from adverse impacts, and actively steward important habitat and waterways in this arid landscape, which is home to native fish populations and also rare habitat for native western grey squirrels. And we share the land with hundreds of children and adults each year, who find solace, inspiration, and deep learning here.

Legacy gifts, in the memory of a loved one, and planned gifts designated during estate planning, are a powerful way to support the conservation values of White Eagle and Sacred Earth Foundation.


Also, we’re currently working a  lovely cart horse named Egret, to help us offer cart drawn burials. Many gratitudes to generous donations from Patt and Louis Leatham and Sally Carlson, for helping to make this long-held dream possible!

Here’s a beautiful example of how one family honored the memory of their beloved daughter and sister, Mikaela, and how their community helped raise $5000 in her name, through a Mightycause fundraising campaign.

For more information about the Conservation Fund and our stewardship priorities, visit the Land Protection page on Ekone Ranch’s website.

White Eagle Memorial Preserve
a Natural Burial Ground at Ekone Ranch

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